»Der Teddy und die Tiere«

Sunday, 12 May 2019, 3 p.m., Maria-Ward-Fachakademie

A Fairy Tale by Michael Ende with much Music for Children and Adults (age 4+)

Text: Michael Ende (1929 – 1995) / Music: Werner Thomas-Mifune (1941 – 2016)

A mayfly buzzes around Teddy’s head and whispers the bothersome question in his ear: Why is he then still in this world, as old and worn as he is? The old teddy bear, who got his name from a sticker in his ear, must discover what the meaning of life is. He asks one animal after the other. Each one gives an answer, but none seems right for the abandoned teddy bear. Only when the teddy bear meets a little girl who can only be happy when she has a bear to love, can Teddy find the answer.

Michael Ende’s story is whimsical and with a deeper meaning. The animals which Teddy meets on his wanderings are depicted in comical ways in classical works of music. Enjoy the Mayfly, the Turtle Boogie or the Rattlesnake Waltz, Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Hen, the Two Merry Crap-Finches by Paul Hindemith or the Swan from Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of Animals!

Translated from the German by Lucy Hallman Russell and Ray Carson Russell.

Lisa Eder & Vincent Lang, actors

JOOOYO Quartett
Joosten Ellée, violin
Jonas Zschenderlein, violin
Yoko Tanaka-Zschenderlein, alto
Johannes Berger, violoncello

The theatre concert is suitable for children 4+
The concert will be without concert break (length: c. 50 min.)

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Residenzplatz 20
85072 Eichstätt

* children, pupils, students